Across our country good women and men are working to correct the tragic exclusion of women from the exercise of their full rights as people.  This site is here as a resource to provide information on what is happening with the ERA and to provide resources to allow us to dedicate more of our time to the battles ahead. 

There is activism going on across the country and this site is here to ensure we all know what is happening.  If you have news or information about an effort let us know and we will include it.  

Also let us know about our friends and fellow activists.  We have put up a Foremothers link so we can let others know how they are and what is happening in their lives.  We also want to know if they have passed so we can ensure their stories are kept present in our memories. 

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Another of our projects which we have undertaken for our sponsor, the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation, is building out a Hub for Green Commerce, called the ACP Vision & Action Hub, as a means to empower activists for human rights to work in their local areas building greater local understanding of pivotal issues.  We are starting with petrochemical poisoning.

We have put together a program for Green Commerce so activists can help people in their communities stop using petrochemicals for insecticides, growing, and every other way by building their own small businesses locally.  To find out more visit Agent Green. 

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